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What is Green Fuels?

Green fuel
also referred to as biofuel, is a kind of fuel distilled from plants and animal substances, considered by some to be more environmentally friendly compared to widely-used fossil fuels which power the majority of the planet. From the desperate hunt for alternative energy resources, green gas has evolved as a potential fueling option because the planet drains its fossil fuel sources. Detractors suggest that the expression “green fuel” is a misnomer since the processing of crops within biofuel really makes a substantial quantity of pollution which might be just as detrimental to the environment as present practices.


In producing basic kinds of biofuel, plants are broken down into two kinds: glucose producing and oil generating. Sugar and starch producing crops, such as sugar cane or corn, are placed through a fermentation process to produce ethanol. Oil generating crops, such as the ones found in vegetable oils, can be used similar to fossil resources of petroleum; they produce diesel which may be burned by automobiles or further processed to become biodiesel.

Recent technological innovations have generated the areas of innovative biofuels, which concentrate on non-food resources and waster renewal as electricity. By converting landfill substance, in addition to timber and inedible plant components, into green gas, we not only lower the usage of fossil fuels but also efficiently recycle great quantities of waste. These biofuels help quell the argument on if growing plants for fuel will cause fewer food crops that are available. Contact us to know more.

What advantages of using a BioDiesel Or Green Fuels

1) Easy To Use

No vehicle modifications or special fueling equipment — just pump and go.

2) Power, Performance and Economy

Proven performance and economy make biodiesel a renewable winner.

3) Emissions & Greenhouse Gas Reduction

With lower exhaust emissions biodiesel or green fuel is helping to reduce pollution and improve health. Lower CO2 emissions help reduce the impacts of global warming.

4) Energy Balance & Security

Biodiesel or or green fuel production and use at home, biodiesel helps reduce the need for foreign oil.

5) Economic Development

Biodiesel or green fuel helps communities by keeping energy dollars at home.

6) Toxicity, Biodegradability, Safety & Recycling

Less toxic than table salt, biodiesel has minimal environmental impact. With a high flash point, biodiesel or green fuel is safer to handle and store than petroleum diesel. When made from used oils and fats, biodiesel helps ensure proper recycling of former waste products.

Infra and Collaborations
Green Fuel Station in India

Container Retail Shop

Container Office

E-Bike Dealership

E-Rickshaw Dealership

Turmeric Cafe

Vakrangee Kendra

Khadi Village

Free Spot Exhibition

Our Biodiesel or Green Fuel Plants

Why AS Green Fuels?

Quality assurance

Since the entire process is automated, any attempt in adulteration is tracked and alerted immediately.

Quantity assurance

No need to see '0' before fuelling. User controls the fuelling through App.

End-to-end automation

Every drop filled & accounted for, complete automation from refinery to the fuel tank.

Zero Investment

Start your own green fuel station in India with as agri fuels at free of cost and with zero investment

Multiple Revenue Options

We help you setup not only bio diesel fuel pump or green fuel stations but also many other revenue generating models.

AS Green Fuel Station in India is for?

Green Fuel is beneficial for any user who has a bulk fuel requirement for self-consumption.


Our Green Fuel or Biodiesel Production Techniques

Feed Stocks With 0-100 Ffa Can Be Processed At An Operating Temperature Of Only 85 F and

Compatible with vehicle brands

$260 millions

Daily saving money on fuel

1300 electric cars

Sold every day in the world

Not Only Green Fuel or Bio Diesel Fuel Pump

But also we Install Cafe, Grocery Store ,Vertical Farming Plant and other revenue generation models such as Green Fuel Station in India.

Choose your ready-made solution

Home charging

  • Charging station for home
  • Charge point setting
  • Free Support
  • 1 year hardware warranty
  • Remote access to the device

Commercial systems

  • Commercial charging station
  • Charge point setting
  • Premium Support
  • 3 year hardware warranty
  • Remote access to the device

Our mission:

Make the world cleaner, save natural resources, create comfort for people by Green Fuel stations in India.

We are the leading developer and installer of modern electric vehicle charging systems

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